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What a Great Friday!

Friday's can usually be pretty laid back in the music business. We actually close at 6 instead of our normal 730. Places to be and things to do on a Friday night. Most musicians are out working. This Friday was different as it took Barb, Jason and Tim to take care of all our clients.

Jason spent the afternoon working with Steve Wozny who is the piano player for the 70s rock group Badfinger. Remember Baby Blue? Badfinger was the first group to sign on with Apple Records.


Jason helped Steve and his wife pick out a wonderful pre-owned Yamaha Grand Piano.

Tim worked with a Church group that drove in all the way from Dubuque Iowa. Pastor Carter and his family tried many of our Grand pianos and settled on a Young Chang that had just the right touch and sound for the sanctuary back in Dubuqe. It will be quite a delivery day but one that will serve many.

Barb had the tough assignment of handling a busy counter. A great staff taking care of great clients. We al enjoyed talking music and assisting music loving people today. What will Saturday bring?

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