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Baldwin Pianos - Legacy Pianos at Piano Trends Music

Baldwin Pianos are a musical legacy that for over a century, continues to live on. Each piano that carries the name Baldwin, is a piece of that legacy which has contributed to American piano history and manufacturing.


Company History

The company was founded by Dwight Hamilton Baldwin in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1862. Also known as D.H. Baldwin, the name has always been one of the most widely renowned names in the American piano industry and history.

The company originally began as a retail enterprise, who sold Steinway and Chickering pianos. They began manufacturing their own pianos in 1889, as "D.H. Baldwin & Co." In 1903, shortly after the founder's death, the name became the Baldwin Piano & Organ Co.

Baldwin also manufactured pianos under the names Wurlitzer, Acrosonic, Chickering, Ellington, Franke, Hamilton, Howard, Manualo, Modello, Monarch, and St. Regis.


Baldwin at Piano Trends

Piano Trends Music & Band Company is proud to be a Baldwin Piano Dealer which we have since opening up our doors back in 1990. Since then we have sold and serviced more Baldwin Pianos than any other Chicagoland dealer. Piano Trends has been the offiical provider of Baldwin Pianos to artists and venues throughout Chicao and Milwaukee including the Chicago Blues Fest. Piano Trends was also recognized as one of the premier Custom Baldwin Piano Dealerships in the US during the custom piano heyday in the early and mid 2000s. some of the most unique Baldwin Pianos have passed through our doors and have been displayed in Chicago at special events and television shows including Oprah, WIndy City Live and Chicagoing with Bill Campbell. .

Below a video of our Custom Blue Baldwin Grand Pianos in Action at the


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