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Queen and Carole King Tribute Rock CHILL

Piano Trends Music once again for the 12th straight year provided the Chill Wine, Culinary and Entertainment Charity Event with pianos and musicians of the mart and 2018 was no exception for rousing music at one end of the mart and beautiful cocktail piano music throught other areas of Chicago's famed Marchandise Mart. 3000 plus CHILL attendees mingled and enjoyed another evening of wine food and song.

With the mega hit Movie Bohemian Rhapsody breaking box office records Piano Trends Owner Tim Paul asked Felix and Fingers to close the evening with a set of Queen tunes and boy did the boys deliver.

Thanks to Mike Sherman and Robert Deason for thrilling everyone at the show.

Enjoy the Felix Fingers Dueling Pianos Queen Tribute Video from CHILL including the rousing

Bohemian Rhapsody Finale

That was not the only Music Tribute of the night as Tina Naponelli along with her musical director Evan Swanson provide a set and sneak preview of her upcoming theater show "Tapestry Unraveled" which is Tina's tribute to the music and story of Carole King. This show will be seen at Raue Center this Fall so Don't miss it. Check out all of the Musicians of the Mart for 2018 on our Facebook Page and just scroll to events on November 8th.

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