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Casio Pianos For Christmas

Rent To Own Options

Believe in music

Learning to make Music is a joyful experience and now at Piano Trends Music all rental payments apply to the purchase of the piano of your choice

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We fit your Needs

Grand Rentals Start at just  $150/month



Upright Rentals Start at just  $29/month

                 less than a $1/Day


Digital Rentals Start at just    $50/month

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Example of Possible

Grand Piano rental

Pay the first month plus delivery up front

First Twelve months rent applies to the

purchase.  You can continue to rent, purchase or return piano after 12 months


Example of Possible

Budget Rental

For less than a Dollar a Day you can rent a fully funtioning tuned piano for $29.99/month. just pay first month and delivery fee up front. Rent applies to purchase


Example of Possible

Newer Piano rental

Large selection of style and finishes

$50-$99 rental fee range available

First month & delivery fee up front

first 12 months rent applies to purchase

You can choose to continue to rent, purchase or return.

digital piano wall.jpg

Example of Possible

Digital Piano rental

starting at $25 for 61 and 76 note pianos

starting at $75 & up for 88 note digital pianos depending on models chosen and available. First month up front. Optional delivery and charge available.

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Contact Tim 


Tim will answer all of your questions and provide all of the details and show you all available pianos in our rental pool.

Call Tim at 815.47Piano or 

Email Tim

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