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What They Say - Testimonials

Owners are my parents. Of course Im giving it 5 stars, but I would even if they werent. I remember in the 90s when piano sales were more frequent, there was a lot of local competition. I remember my parents talking at home about how honestly was a big part of their sales strategy. Pretty smart and impressive if you ask me. And it worked. They genuinely love music and create a lot of good energy in the community. Stop in and ask my dad to tell you a pun, might be cringe-worthy, but I promise your day will be brightened. Also check out Lifting Spirits, a nightly youtube series of live music recorded directly from their store.



I had Piano Trends move a piano to my home. Tim was extremely responsive and professional in setting up the move. Demitri (sp?) and another gentleman (the movers) were very polite and quick! No damages to home or piano. I highly recommend!



Piano Trends offers so much from music lessons to instruments and beautiful pianos. The instructors are talented and the owners Tim and Bobbi do so much for the community. And I love Tim’s six day a week musical cheer up, LIFTING SPIRITS.



Thank you for the beautiful horn for my 6 year old daughter she loves the trumpet and i cant wait to hear her play happy birthday in salsa style thanks again bro



We are lucky to have options for local availability of music and related supplies. In addition to the great customer service, what sets Piano Trends apart from other local vendors is the connection to the music community in our area. They have created an environment both virtual and physical for sharing experiences and expressions of sound at all levels. Whether your kid just began recorder or your livelihood depends on your creation of sound all are engaged as members of this community.



We started with lessons for our son about 5 years ago. We have had a great experience. Our son has learned a lot. The people that work at Piano Trends are friendly and very helpful. We also purchased a piano from Piano Trends. The purchase was a great investment and a great opportunity for our children to have music in their lives. I would, and have, encouraged others to go to Piano trends for their music/singing lessons, and instrument purchases.



I have known Tim for many years. His experience alone could be an encyclopedia on good business practice but his love and passion for the music industry is extraordinary. I count Tim in my top 10 of people I would like to mirror.



Well, when you walk into this store, you are immediately greeted with a smile and cheery hello. More importantly, everyone who works there is knowledgeable about the products–both instruments and sheet music.They are all trained musicians. If you want to wander on your own and browse, no problem, they will leave you alone. But you are never far away from someone who can answer a question when you have one. Even walking into this store the very first time, you are treated like a friend, or a neighbor, not a client, know what I mean? it just feels good in there. And, yes, they probably have what you are looking for. :)



Great local supplier of music and instruments. When I need something in a pinch, I like to shop local. If its not in stock, Tim or his staff will order it for you! They have a showroom full of pianos and other instruments.Ive referred my piano students to Piano Trends Music Company for many years, for their printed music and musical instruments and Ive heard no complaints.Visit Piano Trends Music Company soon. Try out their pianos. You may find the perfect instrument to grace your home.Music is for everyone - all ages - the universal language! Make your home come alive with the sound of music.



I always appreciate the excellent customer service. The staff is very knowledgeable, patient and friendly. Cant say enough.



Several years ago I worked with a group that wanted music for a social. You arranged a talented pianist to play and supplied the piano. It was a good evening and we were very happy with the artist you sent; he definitely enhanced our event. Karen Hutchings.



Great selection of music and music themed gifts! Friendly, helpful staff.



I love my piano salesman. His name is Jason Bruno. He is an excellent music teacher also. Without him, I would never have developed my smooth legato. Also, he knows that life without music would Bb and he lives by this creed. He is my friend in music, forever.



I love Piano Trends! Every time I go into the store, I am greeted by name and treated with the highest respect. All the emplyees are helpful and really passionate about helping me find or do any crazy thing I am asking for - whether big or little!Also, I am so impressed by their committment to the community. They have bent over backwards to help get instruments into my beginners hands, as well as offered time and expertise and products when needed.-Molly Sedivec



I was looking for a good, inexpensive used upright piano, and they have a boatload of them. If you dont find what you want, theyll take you to the warehouse and show you more -- although its a bit difficult to try playing the ones in the warehouse. They didnt try to sell me more piano than I needed or wanted. They provided truly personalized service. They really seem to care about developing a long-term relationship with customers.



Tim and Jason are two of the nicest people I know in the music business.They make everyone who enters their store feel welcome; and they work tirelessly to make sure that every customer is satisfied.



Best Music Store Around!! Theres a great selection of pianos, fun teachers, and the staff couldnt be nicer. Id live in the store if I could :) I grew up there taking lessons here and purchased my Baldwin grand piano from them, I would never think to go anywhere else!



I rented a violin from these fellows, as i have a shoulder injury, i asked would it be possible to swap for another instrument, a cello, specifically. Of coarse they obliged. They are friendly knowledgeable, and are a quality local business that drives are community to pursue enlightenment through music. 5 stars, Id give 6 if it were possible.



Excellent Local Service and products. Highly recommended to rent bnad instruments, pianos, lessons and other music products. Piano Trends can get you anything at a reasonable price.



Piano Trends is a great store - great selection, great product knowledge, and more than anything, they are super friendly and enjoy what they do.



We bought three pianos from Piano Trends, two new Breitenbach player pianos and one used piano. We couldnt be more pleased with the knowledgable staff, exceptional products, great prices, fast delivery and set up, and the best personalized service. Arboria of Long Grove Assisted Living and Memory Care, Long Grove, Illinois.



Owner & staff are freindly, knowledgeable and helpful. There is a wide selection of product with competitive prices. This store has been a contributing and valueable member of the community for many years.



Awesome shop and great service-- our parents love the attention to detail and the wholesome approach towards arts education!!



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