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Instrument Care - First in a Series - Guitar

Guitars should be stored upright in their case or in a guitar stand. A guitar case will help protect the instrument if it is knocked over or falls. A guitar stand can prevent an instrument from falling over even if something knocks into it. Make sure that the guitar cse/stand is out of the way of foot traffic. Up against a wall or in a corner is the best option.

Avoid what can happen to your guitar if left leaning against anything other than in a protective stand or case. First picture bad. Second picture good. For about $20 you can protect your guitar from looking like the guitar in the first picture.

Always safely store your guitar as soon as you are finished playing. Make sure to always transport your guitar in its case for best protection.

How often should you change your strings? A beginner may not need to change strings that often, unless of course breaking a string while learning to tune but as you progress the more often you put a fresh set of strings on your guitar the better it will sound and play. Keeping your guitar climate controlled also will extend the life of your guitar and keep the wood from cracking. For more details contact our guitar department technicians. Piano Trends is always glad to answer questions and guide you.

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