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World's Most Famous Pianos

There are many Famous Pianos but only a few that you can still visit and see, although probably not allowed to play. Take a look at these famous pianos we found. Watch for more blog posts on the World's Most Famous Pianos

1. Mozart's Pianoforte made by Anton Gabriel Walter around 1782.

2.Liberace's Baldwin complete with 200 pounds of Austrian rhinestones. In fact Piano Trends Jenny Paul (now Jenny Orifici) was fortunate to be able to play this famous piano during a Baldwin Piano Dealer Meeting in Nashville when it was on special display.

3. John Lennon's Favorite Piano located in the Beatles Story museum in Liverpool. Lennon played this instrument—outfitted with special tacks to produce a more percussive sound on his Walls and Bridgesand Double Fantasy albums. It was a favorite of his post-Beatle life in NYC, Lennon had it moved to every studio where he recorded. Lennon played this piano on December 8, 1980, the day his assasin shot him outside his New York apartment building.

4. Chopin's Pleyel Grand Piano built in 1849 and now can be viewed at the Chopin Museum in Warsaw Poland.

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