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Piano Trends Provides Violins for Domenica Scorsese Film

Piano Trends Music was proud to be a small part of the upcoming film First String that will be premiered next weekend. Part of the filming was local. Use of our instruments were part of the film. pictures show Domenica C. Scorsese who stars in the film signing a violin provided by Piano Trends and of which is on display in our showroom in Crystal Lake.

FIRST STRING Written and Directed by Dean G. Christakis

Co-starring Domenica C. Scorsese

Charleston Casting by Diane Socall Grove

Edited by William Currie, Jr.

First String is a feature film of love, music and science. Most of the flashback scenes were filmed in Charleston, Illinois. 25 Charleston actors of all ages are featured in First String including Robin Murray, EIU professor of English and Women's Studies, Film Studies Minor coordinator, and Director of the Eastern Illinois Writing Project.

The Story A 14 year-old cellist, Aleksandrya, faces challenges from unexpected sources while preparing to compete for the Gold Pin award and a guest chair in the Symphony. What happens in the days leading up to the big audition will long be etched in the minds of everyone involved. A parallel group of young musicians includes a ten year-old violinist, Giovanni, who, while visiting Italy, has a most unusual dream and an encounter with a wise woman, brilliantly acted by Domenica C. Scorsese. She inspires Giovanni with stories of her great grandmother, an educator and America's first female luthier, whose saga is seen in an amazing series of flashbacks.

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