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Go Cubs Go at Piano Trends (CUBS WIN SERIES)

Music has played a large part of both of the Chicago Cubs Success and struggles over the years. Songwriter Steve Goodman has penned more than one Cubs tune to lament the Northsiders lack of post season play. This is different as game 7 approaches tonight. (UPDATE: CUBS WIN FIRST WORLD SERIES since 1908) How many stitches in a baseball? (108) Even Piano Trends Music and life long Cubs fan Tim Paul celebrates and encourages Cubs wins with his medley of Cubs tunes. Generational following of the Cubs is not uncommon and it is a part of life for the Paul family for several generations. Piano Trends as a family run business routinely shows Cubs Colors as in their Famous Blue Grand Pianos. (see Cubs Video by Tim)

So sit back and enjoy GO CUBS GO. The video in its Facebook format surpassed 3000 views in a few days

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