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Three Baldwin Amigos Return to Piano Trends

Rare does the occurance of such coolness take place. The Fall and Winter of 2016 is one of those times at Piano Trends. Three Baldwin Pianos that were American Made in the Baldwin Truman Arkansas Factory and purchased from Piano Trends as new over the course of 5-6 years have turned up back at Piano Trends as consignment pianos for purchase. All three were valued at more than $7,000 and they now can be purchased for half of that value. The quality of craftsmanship is true to Baldwin tradition and with the tradition of backing from Piano Trends, the oldest authorized Baldwin Dearlship in the entire Chicagoland area. All pianos will be on display in the Piano Trends showrooms until they find new homes. Stop in just to try each one out and see how consistant play Baldwin truly is.

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