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Recognizing a Caring Teacher Jamie Moore


I wanted to drop a note to commend someone whom I believe to be one of your teachers at Glacier Ridge, Jamie Moore. She came in to purchase a band book for a student that can't afford to really be in band. She had a bell set for for that student but no practice pad which I found one and donated along with sticks. That kind of effort from a teacher sometimes goes unnoticed but it was a pleasure to help someone helping a child experience music. She also needed a music stand for that student and I think there were a couple from the donated items this summer if they are not in use already. I referred her to Scott to check. If the stands are all in use then I'll be glad to donate another stand for that child. Thank you and have a great school year.

Tim Paul, owner Piano Trends Music

Thank you so much for your email. Jamie is a D47 teacher and I appreciate you sharing her actions and support of a student with us. Our teachers are pivotal to our students' support and growth and many times that means going above and beyond outside of the classroom with their actions many times going unknown and/or unnoticed. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this situation with us so that we can celebration Jamie and her passion and commitment to her students. Additionally, I appreciate your continued partnership with us to help develop and grow a love for the arts in D47 students. Thank you!

Kathy J. Hinz, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Hi Tim: Thank you for taking the time to commend one of our teachers on a job well done. Teachers often go "above and beyond" and it's nice to call attention to that when seen. As Dr. Hinz mentioned, we are grateful for your support and partnership. Schools and community working together serves to benefit our students, staff and the community at large. It truly "takes a village"!


Denise Barr

Coordinator of Community Relations


Thanks so much for sharing. Jamie is a hard working sped teacher and often goes above and beyond. We acknowledged ​this today at a staff meeting.

Tim thank you as well for helping out Jamie and ultimately the student. Together we are a wonderful community.

All the best,

John Jacobson

Principal, Glacier Ridge Elementary School

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