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Five Pianos Arrive from NAMMSHOW ORDERS - Two Sell right off the Truck

I have sold many a piano quickly after it arrives but never two from the same truck this quickly. A new Piano Trends record was set. February 19th 2018 Five Pianos that we ordered at the January NAMM Trade Show in Anaheim arrived this date. A Baldwin 5'8 Grand piano complete with Silver plate and silver trim throughout as well as a Baldwin BP1 again in the new silver trim package. We also unloaded a Breitenbach Continental Piano which makes owning a new console piano most affordable. Then it got interesting. During the two hours it took to unload and unbox these pianos delivered by Waltre Piano Transport one of my old time clients came in to finish purchasing a piano they had picked out over the weekend. But alas they watched as we opened up a 50" Kawai Studio Vertical and fell in love. They immediately decided to purchase this piano instead. Now that would be a great story in and of itself except that another previous client who had purchased a Story and Clark piano from me in 1999 came in and was ready to trade up. As they were watching our Yamaha U-1 being unloaded and unpacked they asked if they could try it. Well after five minutes of deliberation they decided on purchasing that piano. So before the Walter Driver could get back to his truck two of the five pianos that were unloaded were sold and scheduled for home delivery the same week. Thank you community for supporting us. PS> I have reordered and we will have another Yamaha and Kawai on the way shortly.

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