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Shopping Local Important to All of Us

Everyone's first option should always be to shop local whenever possible. Support your community. After all why be part of a community that you care about and then support an out of town business that can send the message that you really don't care about your own community. Communities that thrive find a way to mutually support one another.

In the school music business We at Piano Trends Music Company have always prided ourselves on supporting our local organizations, businesses and the schools within. Rarely would you be able to go to a local school concert or musical without seeing a member of the Piano Trends staff in attendance. We are always pumping our charitable time and dollars back into our town and our schools through program ads, fundraising donations and time by our staff. We go to great lengths to make sure our staff is qualified and passionate about supporting our children in their music education process.

Looking at Band Instrument Rentals for students and parents it makes sense to look to the local source for those needs. Being in town and having a location where students and parents can come for information, supplies, instruments and lessons while they grow in their music endeavors is important. Only from the local source can a student get their instrument repaired quickly and walk out with a free loaner instrument when needed. Supplies such as reeds and mouthpieces to name two of the hundreds of items a music student might need are available the same day you need them. Which by the way is faster than Amazon and you might be surprised to learn that the overall savings from shopping on the internet is minimal at best.

As an individual example take a look at Brittany playing her brand new Selmer Model 67 Bass Clarinet. She was thrilled to finally have that low C on her horn. We not only provided Brittany and her family with the lowest price on a very expensive investment but we were there taking care of Brittany's student and intermediate instruments along her musical journey. We also brought in the horn for Brittany to tryout before asking her family to put any money down unlike our out of community corporate music store that would only order the horn with a full paid in advance option. That instrument has to be a pefect fit before we ask our families to invest. The mutual trust and loyalty is what makes a happy customer.

Brittany now is at Benedictine College where music is the center of her passion. This is what we strive to do in support of all of our students. We are very proud of Brittany and her accompllishments. She is part of the Piano Trends Family and our community. We certainly appreciate the support her family has given to Piano Trends through the years.

At Piano Trends Tim and Bobbi Paul have been a part of the community long before they opened up the Piano Trends doors way back in 1990. When we hear of a student that can not be involved in music because of financial worries we find a way to make it happen. That is simply who we are. Our local establishment provides every single service any outside corporation provides and at better cost to the parents who are footing the bill. Part of our giving back to the community comes from not taking a profit on actual school instrument repairs. The actual cost of a school repair is all that is ever charged as we feel if we help the school save money that can be used in other areas of the music department to help with our children's music education.

A corporation looking for a piece of the pie is going to look first for the bottom line and determine how much profit they can make on each sale and will never worry about putting a face to a name or how to help a music student with long term goals. It is simply numbers to those outside companies. Piano Trends looks at it differntly. It is an investment in our community's future and in our children having musical experiences that could and should last a lifetime. We plan to see you around town, watch your kids grow and be proud of the accomplishments they achieve. It has always meant the world to us when previous students or the "music kids" who would just hang out at Piano Trends would come back to visit or bring in their own kids meaing a second generation of local music makers are coming through our doors.. If we can be some small part of that, then we can leave a legacy that lives on through those musical lives we may have touched.

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