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Piano Trends Summer Band Camp Begins

at Raue Center this Monday July 30 and runs all week through Friday August 3rd. 5th thruogh 8th graders will take part in fun filled band music activity during the week culminating with a short performance for parents on Friday.

Slideshow in order Mark Kahovec, Barb Schotanus, Amy Nelson, Charlotte Stefani and Logan Melville

Mark Kahovec who teaches for Piano Trends and serves as a band director for Crystal Lake School District 47 will direct the classes with assistance from Piano Trenders Amy Nelson (brass) and Barb Schotanus (woodwinds). Piano Trends is also proud to give opportunity to two young high school music interns Charlotte Stefani and Logan Melville who will work as mentors under Mark's direction at the camp. This is the first annual Piano Trends Music Camp and everyone looks forward to it growing each year hereafter. Watch for reports from the camp during the week on both the Piano Trends Website and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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